(Satisfying the thirst for clean water)


Drinking water directly from natural source is sometimes doubtful . But seeing for yourself more than 40 warm bodies, young and old, drink the crystal clear cold water without hesitation, your doubt will slowly transform into belief. This newly form belief will surely push you to act and be one of them.

This was a revelation when I was introduced to“bugak”, an open spring drinking water source filtered by roots, woods, leaves and rocks and catch through a banana stem ready to provide clean water for drinking.

Because it was truly clean drinking water, I was convinced to conclude that the source was clean. And because the source was clean, the surrounding environment was also clean.

Clean as it is, the place need to be protected to preserve and protect the pristine environment and its ecological integrity. A challenge that is hard yet possible.

One of the major building blocks, as I see it personally, is the browning of Ngan River, which will be the next succeeding feature story through this blog series.

By the way, daghan kaayo ug bugak didto nga pwede pa imnan.





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