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Behind the natural grandeur and exotic aesthetic features of the place lies cross cutting issues and concerns that need to be addressed.

While Bongkilaton, Ngan, Compostela, Comval will ultimately be the host of future tourism hub of the town, planning for its development poses greater challenges because the approach need to be integrated and comprehensive.

As Environmental Planner, this morning I made my commitment before the farmers organisation to facilitate and assist the preparation of their desired development agenda of their place, in anticipation of future influx of people and investment.

Founded on the basic tenets of sustainable development, I presented short but concise discussion on integrating livelihood, environmental protection, infrastructure, social concerns, institutional capacity building, settlement arrangements, waste management, revenue generation, tourism, among others in one comprehensive plan.

Before them I committed that the development plan of the place will be my maiden output as licensed planner, pro bono.

For the unique opportunity to serve my town and the community of Lumad in Bongkilaton, I specially thank Rex Cabiling for bringing my commitment closer to the people.



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