1. The DUATHLON is open to all interested participants who are enthusiast of Running and Biking. 
2. The race is consist of running, biking and running again to the finish line.
3. There is only one (1) category of the duathlon, a winner takes all race open to all 15 years old and above duathlon enthusiasts.
4. Participants must use mountain bike type/kind of bicycle for the race.
5. All participants must wear complete PPE (personal protecting equipment) or proper gears.
6. A cut-off time shall be determined by the organizer (duathlon committee) to avoid excessive delay of the race.
7. All participants who will be subjected to the cut-off time will be fetched by a truck that will pick them upon advice of the organizer.
8. Any unsportsmanlike behavior perpetrated by a participants depending on the severity, and upon thorough validation shall be a ground for penalty or disqualification from the race. 
a. Intentional bumping of a runner or a rider 
● 5 minutes additional time for the offender or disqualified.
b. Route short – cutting 
● Disqualified
9. Other minor offense (to be determined by event focal) 1 minute to 4 minutes additional time
10. Only top ten finisher will receive cash prizes and consolation prizes, to wit;

First place: 5,000.00
Second place: 5,000.00
Third place: 3,000.00
Seven consolation prizes: 500.00 each

11. Winners will be determined by the race committee and decision is final and irrevocable.

12. A registration fee of Php 200.00(two hundred pesos will be collected inclusive of breakfast)

13. Interest participants must register and confirm on or before July 23, 2018 at the office of the Municipal Mayor or to EMELITO R. QUIJANO –Tourism Officer with CP NO. 0999-796-7219

First Place - 5,000.00
Second Place - 3,000.00
Third Place - 2,000.00
Top 7 Finisher - 3,500.00 (500 each excluding First, Second and Third Placer) 

Total 13,500.00 


Tara! Manlaag ta sa Compostela!


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