by Pepot Garcia -


Without products, there is no supply chain.

Supply chain is what connects the supply to the demands in a given market.

As stated in the earlier post, Compostela has too numerous products to count. Whether or not these products have places in a given market is dependent on how these will be marketed and sold to existing demands; existing or deliberately created.

Thus, the Agro-Trade Fair, on the occasion of the celebration of Araw ng Compostela and Buganihan Festival, provides venue in order to establish a solid foundation of making the supplies, of handicrafts, souvenir items, processed foods and agricultural produced, ready to travel along the supply chain.

In converting these products into viable and feasible businesses, the challenge is in the hands of the producers who direly need the assistance and leadership of the local government.







Passing through the test of existing challenge of marketing and selling of local produce, the producers have all the reasons to smile and say "Compostela Love Ko...Padayon sa Paglambo".




(Photo credits to the owner -- Lgu Compostela)


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