by Pepot Garcia -


Overlaying ATTITUDE upon the foundations of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, TALENTS AND CAPABILITIES will make competition fundamentally aims not for the PRIZE and PRESTIGE but toward SHARING, ONENESS AND JOYFUL COEXISTENCE.

As competition events start in line with the celebration of 69th Araw ng Compostela and 11th Buganihan Festival, let values be given prime importance over the sought after prizes and prestige.

Yes, we do aim for the best among the rest. Conversely, if in our efforts to be the best, we forget to be good, then it is an exercise in futility; consequently leading to isolation instead of collaboration, condemnation instead of cooperation, and defamation instead coordination.

These apply to individual or collective contests. Included, from Garbo Compostela to Search for Binibining Compostela, to Drum and Bugle Exhibition, to SADSAD Competition, to Motocross, to sports competition, to dance sport, to best booth, among others.



Toward these ends, without fear of arguments and negation, we can all shout to the whole wide world, "Compostela Love Ko...Padayon sa Paglambo".




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