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One personnel of the LGU told when asked the number of items displayed in the Agri-Trade Fair, one of the main attraction to the 5-day-long Araw ng Compostela and Bugahihan Festival, was "Many, I don't know how many because they are too numerous to count".

A good measurement of area within the municipal ground has been designated for the Agri-Trade Fair. The primary aim of the fair is to showcase locally-made and locally-grown products of Compostela. These products include, but limited to, handicrafts, souvenir items, processed foods, agricultural produced, among others.

The fair became the venue of product displays through booths hosted by the sixteen barangays of Compostela, where craftsmen, artists, food processors, agricultural producers will have the opportunity to sell or exhibit their produce, which time, spaces, energy and resources had been invested for good.




Formally opened immediately after the opening ceremony, the fair is now available and accessible to people, locals or tourist and investors, all day through the culmination of the whole event.


Toward these ends, there are also thousands of reasons to be too numerous to tell everyone that "Compostela Love Ko...Padayon sa Paglambo"




(Photo credits to the owner Lgu Compostela)






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