“Taliwala sa mga pagsulay…

hiniusa kitang mobangon…

hiniusa kitang makigbisog…

Ug hiniusa kitang magmadaugon…

katawhan sa Compostela”



On August 1, 2020 – 72nd Araw ng Compostela and 14th Buganihan Festival will be celebrated in a simple and solemn yet memorable commemoration of our Founding Anniversary as we will offer this activity to all our Frontliners, who dedicated their effort and passion to ensure that our Beloved Compostela shall remain free from the local transmission of this COVID-19 Pandemic.



From our days-long and weeklong celebrations in the prior years, our 2020 celebration of the Araw ng Compostela and Buganihan Festival will be celebrated through a Thanksgiving Mass and a simple Program dedicated to all our Frontliners on the 1st Day of August, 2020. On this day, we will be offering our thanksgiving to the Almighty Father for keeping us safe and protected despite the ravage brought by the virus worldwide. 



Quite far from the festive celebrations we are accustomed of, this year’s celebration, however, manifests resilient and determined Compostelaños, as we showcase our efforts and initiatives in combatting this unseen enemy. 



Indeed, our Beloved Compostela have been through a lot for the past years. We have been devastated by various phenomena, but still, Compostela was able to surpass those challenges guarded with its strong-willed soldiers- the Compostelaños. 



With this year’s theme “Taliwala sa mga pagsulay… hiniusa kitang mobangon… hiniusa kitang makigbisog… ug hiniusa kitang magmadaugon… Katawhan sa Compostela”, reminds us how strong Compostelaños are in surpassing challenges along the way because eventually, together we heal as one. 



On our Founding Anniversary, let us hold hands together in prayer for the safety of our populace, especially our Frontliners in the conduct of their duties in our fight against COVID-19. 



Mabuhay 72nd Araw ng Compostela, 14th Buganihan Festival! 


Mabuhay ang Compostela!





Daghang salamat!



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