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Privilege Speech of Hon. Reynaldo Q. Castillo delivered last July 8, 2019, during the 3rd Regular Session of the 20th Sanggunian


Hon. Castillo rose to avail a privilege speech to prevent or obviate future danger to the lives and health of the constituents of this Municipality.

Your Honor, I attended the wake of Mr. Custodio Torre of Purok 1, Barangay Bagongon, the Chairman is here Ms. Bebing Estandarte and our beloved Barangay Captain, Hon. Galenzoga is also around. I was there your Honor to attend that wake, and that’s where I learned Custodio Torre died possibly by the intake of some medicines which may not be classified as medicine which causes his death. Your Honor, last Friday, July 5, 2019, there came to the residence of our Honorable Barangay Captain Galenzoga 2 persons who informed him, the day will be performing an examination of the residents in Purok 1, a free physical examination through some gadgets and requested the Hon. Barangay Captain for permission, the request was only for physical examination which permit the Honorable Barangay Captain granted for them to perform the examination on the Purok of Barangay Bagongon to be executed, perform the following day of Saturday afternoon, July 6 which they did. And in the afternoon of July 6, they were in Purok 1 of Bagongon and conducted examination.

They examined constituents, senior citizens and then sold ostensibly medicines and eye drops. On that afternoon, Mr. Custodio Torre was able to purchase these kinds of medicines totaling to Php 3,000.00, and wife Maria Torre was able to purchase for her more than Php 2,000.00 pesos.

Your Honor, the following day Sunday, we would like to inform everybody that Mr. Torre, although of 84-year-old, is still at that time and before that time still healthy. The following day on Sunday after taking three medicines because the prescription is that, the medicines should be taken three medicines in the morning and one in the evening. He took three tablets in the afternoon of Saturday and three medicines on Sunday. On Sunday afternoon he started getting groggy, in capable of adequate mobility on Sunday afternoon he died.

On the day of Saturday, luya na siya, dizzy and salivating even as he was playing cards on Sunday morning he was already salivating. Your Honor, these are what they did, these are what was taken, after the examination, the purported patient, our citizens of Bagongon after going to that contraction, never inform their kinds of illness. Their illness is check to this kind of paper (he showed paper with list of illness) which contains all apparently that man is susceptible too, an eye drops without markings and all were purchase. The eye drops worth is Php 700.00.

I went to the Chairman yesterday informing her whether she can attend bringing along samples of those which were taken of our residents who are still alive, hopefully not all of them will follow Mr. Torre. This is the danger your Honor, of indiscriminate and allowing our people there going to our barrios and selling unknown and unsourced, sale what may take all medicines which may turn-out into poisons. I am making this revelation your Honor, so that our Purok Officials, everybody may be aware not to just indiscriminately without precautions by means or anything of the source.


Your Honors, the three persons who went there and conducted are now unknown. They have with them apparently their cell numbers which has no response when called. The barangay captain is here; he may be able to shed light as well our Purok Chairman Ms. Estandarte. I would like them your Honor with the kind of indulgence of the Honorable Members of the august Body for them to say what happened, who these people are, how did they, how they were able to have access to our people at Bagongon.

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