Mechanics for Agri Trade Fair Contest


1. Each Barangay will construct one(1) booth entry.

2. The booths shall have a uniform size of 3 x 3 meters.

3. Any materials like bamboo, cogon, banana, coconut or a combination of this materials shall be used depending on the preference and availability of materials in their respective barangay.

4. The booth must display agricultural, handicrafts and livelihood products made/found in the barangay.

5. A Barangay who will not display any product, will not receive a consolation prize.

6. The sequence of the booths will be drawn. 



Design                                               -                     15%

Artistry / Creativity                               -                     15%

Variety of displayed products                 -                     40%

Volume of displayed products                -                     30%



1st Prize                    :                16,000.00 PhP

2nd Prize                   :                14,000.00 PhP 

3rd Prize                    :                12,000.00 PhP


13 Consolation Prizes:                  8,000.00 PhP each        


Contest Committee:             Municipal Agriculturist Office