Mechanics for Harvest Parade Contest



1. There must be one (1) Hand Tractor entry per barangay.

2. Each Hand Tractor must be decorated with any agricultural products found within our municipality.

3. Use of Bamboo poles, banana stalks to enhance the height of Hand Tractor is allowed.

4. Corn husk, banana leaves, rice straw and any other agricultural materials are also allowed to decorate the Hand Tractor



Volume of displayed products                  -                     30%

Variety of displayed products                   -                     30%

Uniqueness/Creativity                             -                     20%

Visual Impact                                        -                     20%



1st Prize                    :                10,000.00 PhP

2nd Prize                   :                  7,000.00 PhP 

3rd Prize                    :                  5,000.00 PhP


13 Consolation Prizes:                  3,000.00 PhP each        


Contest Committee:             Municipal Agriculturist Office