July 18-19,2016 Atlantis Pool and Bistro..


An exciting TRAINING for our 16 Candidates which will pave their way to gaining self-confidence and embrace the amazing thought of becoming a Beauty Queen!


Bb. COMPOSTELA : Beauty Camp first, Beauty Pageant after.

Day 1

Module 1 - Personality Development/Elegance Etiquette

Module 2 - Catwalk Training(Figuring out how to 

Module 3 - Learning how to ace Question and Answer

Day 2

Module 4 - Fashion 101

Module 5 - Make Up ! (Be Beautiful! Wear your make -up!)



Talent Night is on July 26, 2016 (Tuesday) at Municipal Gym of Compostela

Pageant Night is on July 29, 2016 (Friday) at Municipal Gym of Compostela

The Pageant Committee