Since immemorial, this place was called by the natives (Mandaya) as Cumilid. During the first half of the 20th Century, the Cumilid was one of the sitios of Barangay San Miguel. The people aspired to have  a Barangay of their own. Therefore on May 3, 1949, this was approved on  a legitimate Barangay through the initiative of late Emeterio Pavia and eventually the latter become the 1st captain of this Barangay.

          1956 – Hon. Agusto Blanco, Sr., was elected as Barangay Captain.

           Between 1956-1971 _ Hon. Agusto Blanco was appointed Municipal Councilor. On this fact, Hon. Emeterio Pavia was appointed OIC, but his death prompted the local government to appoint late Genara Alcos.

           1971 – Hon. Genera Alcos was chosen as the 3rd elected Barangay Captain.

           1986 – Hon. Glicerio Altamera was elected as the 4th Barangay Captain. Between 1986-1989 the seat was vacant due to Hon. Altamera’s ascension as Board Member, this time Hon. Alfredo Pavia was appointed as OIC Barangay Captain.

           1989 – Local non-partisan election was conducted. Hon. Jaime M. Blanco was Municipal Councilor. His unfinished term was turn over to Hon. Rogelio P. Econar as OIC Barangay Captain.

            In the year 2000, Honorable Rogelio P. Econar was formally elected as 6th Barangay Captain of Osmeña. From this point of time, the developments of the Barangay came into being. Due to initiatives of the Barangay Officials’ projects were realized, his great leadership continued for two more consecutive terms with perseverance and enthusiasm.

            Hon. Econar won the election last May 10, 2010, an ascended as Sangguniang Bayan Member, his first councilor, Hon. Marcelino C. Arcales was appointed to take place as the Punong Barangay of Osmeña, Compostela.

            And during the October 2010 Local Election Hon. Jaime M. Blanco won as a newly elected Punong Barangay of Osmeña, Compostela, Compostela Valley Province.