Barangay Mapaca is seven (7) kilometers from the town proper of Compostela, Comval Province. It is a 30 minute ride from Poblacion and have to pass the neighboring Barangay Bagongon. 

Barangay Mapaca traces its history way back 1945. It is still a forested area and the only inhabitants are the native Mandayas. During the time , Mandaya’s use bamboo sticks or kawayan as their source of firewood. It is because the area is teemed with bamboo trees. They noticed while they used bamboo sticks as firewood, it makes sounds like  pakka,… pakka…. Pak…. It was from these sounds that they opted to name the place Mapaca.

Barangay Fiesta is celebrated every 16th of December.

Former Barangay Captains were:


 FELIPE DIEZ              -  1947

 JOSE REMORERAS      -  1957

 SIMON DESABILLE      -  1960

 ALBERTO CINTO SR.   -  1962


 TIMOTEA MIGUE        -  1982

 JUAN IGNACIO           -  1984

 ALFREDO MAINIT       -  1987 


 MARIO B. DOÑA SR.    -  2007

 RESTY C. RABADON     - 2010 up to present


Barangay Mapaca being the center of agri- industrialization here in Municipality of Compostela will truly strive to its realistic and sustainable development.