On the year 1941, it was era of war and military law, under the command of Juanito Regaña, who saw a military mayor. The camp was build/placed in Ngan, where the mayor lived in the same year, this place was known as “PAG-IWATAN”, derived from Mandaya dialect, which mean “Nagsinugatay”. It was Nagsinutay because of the historical event of both river in Aguibawa and Tadia Creek that interrelated or interconnected during rainy days.

The first two ancient men living in this place were Mr. Mesa Andayop and Mr. Luis Dagsangan. They had known as land owners. As time pass by, it came that military commanded to register the said land. With increasing number of resident, the constituent decided to have an election. They elected Pacencio Mesias as Church Leader and Eustacio Abundo as “ Tenyente del Barrio” at that time, they talked about what patron to be adored finally, San Miguel was proclaimed. From that time until now we celebrated the fiesta of our patron every year. It falls every September 28-29.

Despite of trouble, the constituent still continue gathering and celebrating the fiesta. By and by, the word Pag-iwatan became indistinct and it was changed into “SAN MIGUEL”.

It was on the year 1945, month of May, the said barangay was registered to the mayor’s office through the effort of Mr. Eustacio Abundo. Afterwards, the word communal was established which was a certain field and rendezvous for farmers. They worked hard and the fruits of their toil will be given to the Governor.

After World War II, many people arrived and lived in this place. It was because our country owned freedom. Independence was given to us, Filipinos. In fact there was already a National Election and the first was Manuel L. Roxas.

Two years had been passed, the national congress decided to have a local election. The first Tenyente del Barrio or Barangay Captain was Eustacio Abundo. From that time until now, the Barangay San Miguel received a lot of donors from National through Province and Municipality.




1.    EUSTACIO ABUNDO                      -           1941-1958- Tenyente del Barrio

2.    ALBERTO MARZAN                        -           1958-1964- Tenyente del Barrio

3.    APRONIANO RESURRECTION   -           1964-1970- 1st Barangay Captain

4.    ELIAS GEQUILAN                            -           1970-1974- Barangay Captain

5.    PACENCIO BASTE                          -           1974-1976- Barangay Captain

6.    LEE SUSADA Jr.                              -           1976-1980- Barangay Captain

7.    EDUARDO CABILING                     -           1980-1982- Barangay Captain

8.    DANIEL TORLAO Jr.                        -           1982-1986- Barangay Captain

9.    PATRICIO SENCIO                          -           1986-1988- Barangay Captain

10. ANTONIO LUZON                            -           1988-1994- Barangay Captain

11. DANILO REVECHE                         -           1994-2007- Barangay Captain

      12. HARRY C. CABILING                     -           2007 up to present