Barangay San Jose, Compostela, Compostela Valley Province emerged from the division of the Barangay Lagab to upper and lower Lagab. Upper Lagab is the first name of Barangay San Jose. The name Upper Lagab was changed to Barrio Roxas during the time when Ilonggos settle in the area together with their descendants and relatives from Iloilo who migrated to Cotabato. Later on Barrio Roxas was change to Barangay San Jose following the name of the barangay where the first settlers came from.

Barangay San Jose is 3.5 km away from Poblacion. It has a total land area 521.42 hectares, consisting of 10 Puroks having 904 households with the total population of 3,619 based on 2010 survey.

The practical mission of the barangay is to improve the living conditions of all its constituents and families through accelerated sustainable growth with focus on agricultural development, as the barangay’s primary source of livelihood, as well as on education and on marked reduction in criminality with active participation by barangay folks in governance and other related activities.

The Barangay is headed by Punong Barangay HON. JORNALITO A. CALIMPONG. For the year 2010 its personnel complement to 51 workers, 10 Barangay Health Workers; 3 Barangay Paid Teacher; 2 BNS; 4 Administrative Workers; 2 Day Care Workers; 10 Lupong Tagapamayapa and 20 Barangay Tanod.

The first school was established in 1957 made of cogon and round timber offering multi-grade with only two teachers. Presently, the school already offers complete elementary education with preschool having  teaching force of 22.