The name Mangayon was taken from a  “MAYGAYON  CREEK” in native language of the mandayas. Before world war II, the pioneering natives are the mandayas pasthe Maygayon creek wading their feet on it every time they brought their farm products to town of Compostela.  thus the place was named Mangayon.

In the middle of 1930’s migrants from Visayas arrived namely  Catalino Getubig and family, Candido Abarquez Sr. , Primitivo P. Eyas,  Emeteria Abarquez, Constancio Eyas, Saturnino Eyas, Inosaria Abarquez , Juanito Regana and family, Pre war-time there were already Japanese families   planting ramie at Reganas area.   They utilized Agusan River as their transportation area using Bangka to load their products. Before the war broke there were people arrived to seek greener pasture and maybe to escape from the coming war between the Japanese and Americans, namely Fuentes family, and other .

The war begun on 1940 and end on 1945. Liberation time the government surveyed the area and the people who were here occupied the area cutting the small trees to plant abaca as it was the  main products of that time.  

On  June 23, 1957, under Republic Act No. 2039, the place was created into barrio under the municipality of Compostela.

And on the year 1989 the Ata Manobo Tribe arrived and settled at the upper part of the barangay which was called as Side 4 , Bermuda, Purok 4-B, Mangayon  coming from San Fernando, Bukidnon and Talaingod, Davao del Norte.

The first appointed teniente del barrio was Candido M. Abarquez followed by Santiago Sejuela then by Arsenio Pely. He was followed by Antonio Allonar then by Claro Fuentes, and Ruperto Magno. He was followed by Leopoldo Abarquez then by Marcelo . Dalagan . then by Jose Villanueva Jr. On 2007 Barangay election, Ramon A. Eyas was elected as Barangay captain and still  the present barangay captain .

The first school was established in 1950 made of cogon and round timber offering multi-grade with only one teacher. In 1960, additional three (3) teachers taught in the school. At present, there is a complete elementary in the place with the help of the Parents - Teachers Association (PTA), by the barangay and by the municipal officials.